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The Basic Strategy to Copywriting

 The key to getting the attention of potential customers

in addition to graphic design that is fantastically clear and blazing, namely copywriting.

However, the question is

what kind of copywriting

that can make people smitten

and finally desperate to buy your product?

This is our discussion today, a light dish

and simple written in a down-to-earth language

so hopefully it won't misunderstand.

Let's discuss!


The first thing to have in copywriting

is how to build a distraction (distraction)

which makes that person finally triggered to read

or content can attract attention to read.

Then the points in the main part that must exist

is content that can arouse curiosity.

That's why, many online marketing experts

or internet marketer

trying to make a heading or post title

with the most bombastic words possible

as crazy as possible even as clear as possible.

Because once they can't attract attention

Then the content will only be skipped or simply skipped

Similar to chatting with JONES (single ngenes)

who invites doi out on the weekends

but it's not being ignored

and no reply at all, doesn't it hurt? ha ha ha

Back to the discussion.

You know, even for some videos

like the video that will be uploaded

on TikTok, YouTube, IG Reels and


they make it as bombastic as possible.

However, you should know

if the post is too bombastic

and it turns out that the content has absolutely nothing to do with it

then your page or your video will not be seen for long

and then just left.

Building power is a good step

but it must also be balanced with the quality of the content

because if you miss this one it's the same as you

chasing dreams and shadows of the former

really hurts isn't it?


The next step is

Creating engagement from readers

If you can get their attention

Then we've won one step and

This should be easier

But if it fails to keep them engaged

With our content, it can be fatal

That's why the ability to display

PAIN AND PLEASURE is very important

We must explore what bad things will

they get if they miss our offer (Pain)

and or fun things or

profitable what will they get

when they take an offer from us.

From here we can take advantage of the GREED side (surrender)

of humans to get them to accept our offer.

Also use price logic for example like this:

Small Rp. 5000

Medium Rp. 6500

Large Rp. 7000

Then you can be sure the buyer will choose

the large size because even though the price is expensive

they will get more and they just

measure the price difference with the previous one

ie only Rp. 500 only, while the gap between small

and the medium is quite far, namely Rp. 1,500

then usually buyers will be interested

to choose the big over the small.

Actually, that medium priced product

we call it a sacrificial product.

Because in the end rarely will

choose medium products let alone just

with a difference of Rp. 500 only.

It can also be used for

sell products that buy 2 get 1 free.

Then they will feel that buying 2

much cheaper than buying one.

An example of a markonah kebab case (let's say it's name)

selling kebabs at a price of Rp. 10,000 per seed

but if you buy 2 you will get

free one kebab means by paying

Rp. 20,000 they can get 3 kebabs.

This will make people who want to buy kebabs

Only one seed so think many times.

Let's go deeper.

The basic principles of Pain and Pleasure

this is how to exploit from human nature

even in my opinion,

not only humans

which has the nature of Pain and Pleasure

but all living things.

The main concept, the human brain is more likely to

approach the pleasure (pleasure) and avoid suffering (pain)

and this is part of survival or the human way

to survive and carry on the offspring.

This derivative of Pain and Pleasure is FOMO (Fear of missing out)

is the fear of missing out or being missed

that's why sales or promotions

the bombastic one always presents a limit or

Time limit to buy it, if past certain hours

then the offer will pass.

A mix of Pain and Pleasure added with

The FOMO technique will create powerful and very difficult copywriting

to be missed.

Because actually every human being goes through the concept

self-defense itself

I will try my best to avoid suffering

and approach pleasure.

I will take one of the case studies where

once sold residential properties that made hundreds of

even thousands of leads who entered and of course some

of which it closes very easily.

Here is the copywriting tagline:

“Luxury housing at subsidized prices, strategic location, close to urban areas and enough to pay in installments with Rp. 25000 per day to be free from Pondok In-Law Indah. Limited Units for the first 100 people only, Call 081912XXXXXXXX”

I'll post it on the facebook group

my phone doesn't stop receiving notifications

from prospective buyers, even though the contents of the words are very simple

but by following the concept of Pain and Pleasure

along with its derivative concept, namely FOMO, so a simple method can boost sales.

Remember, basically copywriting is the main key and even the main gate, failing to attract the attention of potential buyers will also fail to make sales.

Inevitably those who are very good at copywriting can be RECRUITED by big companies and also with salaries that are not kidding too.

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